Reducing Food Waste

// By: Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD & Mistralle Brouillard, RD
Does anyone else feel a slight twinge in their chest when you’re forced to throw out food that’s gone bad? Watching it fall into the garbage or compost is like watching all of its potential being thrown away! Of Continue Reading

Beat the Treat

// By: Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD & Samantha Nesrallah, RD
Every Halloween, kids get decked out in their favourite costumes and prepare for the trek around the neighbourhood with one thing in mind: candy…and more candy! In October alone, Canadians buy more than $355 million Continue Reading

Meatless Monday Madness!

// By: Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD & Samantha Nesrallah, RD
What are Meatless Mondays, you ask? This decade old concept suggests planning a meal without meat one day a week: Mondays! This campaign originated out of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and has since Continue Reading