At the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, we coach thousands of cancer patients and their families through one of the most challenging periods in their lives.

But what if we could help in another way—a way that would reduce the number of times people in our community have to hear the words – you have cancer?

That’s what grounded is all about. Grounded is an effective, sensible and hands-on program designed to get you healthy, and keep you that way.

Based on whole food, realistic weight management and strategies that put you in control of your health, grounded gives you easy-to-follow coaching on nutrition —from the ground up.

And because grounded offers a down-to-earth approach to the delicious foods you already love to eat (plus a few we’ll introduce you to), it will help keep off excess weight and tackle obesity, which affects one-quarter of Canadians and is a leading public health issue.

Whether you are cancer-free or somewhere in your journey to wellness, grounded will give you practical skills and knowledge to help you feel better and be stronger for life.

Grounded – Specialized Programs for Cancer Coaching Clients

Eating the right kinds of food before, during and after cancer treatment may help you feel better, stay stronger and help with the prevention of cancer recurrence.

Cancer and cancer treatments impact the body in many ways and, in order to help families who are facing cancer, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation developed grounded – a series of nutrition-based programs and workshops that focus on practical information and skills to create healthy meals – designed to help you feel better at any stage in your cancer journey and beyond.